Get Involved with NSSTA in 2017!

Submitted by Abbey Hudson on Fri, 01/06/2017 - 23:01

In 2017, we encourage all of our members to resolve to be more involved with NSSTA. This year, and every year since 1985, our mission is to promote the establishment and preservation of structured settlements in order to provide long-term financial security to personal injury claimants and their families through periodic payment of compensation. We achieve these goals through public advocacy, legislative action, and educational programs. As a NSSTA member, we hope you will consider joining us – below are a few ways that members can help.

Take the Hill – This week, newly elected members of Congress are being sworn in and everyone is expecting to see big changes in Washington D.C. With tax reform being a top priority for the new administration, the NSSTA Take the Hill Program is more important than ever. Take the Hill is a unique opportunity for members to meet directly with their Congressional Representatives for outreach and education about structured settlements and the value they bring to injury victims. Congressional Representatives may not be familiar with the work we do, and hearing from NSSTA members that live in their districts is extremely important. This year, Take the Hill will be held on March 7th and 8th – please email if you’re available to attend!

Committees – As an association, we work hard to promote the use of structured settlements and raise awareness about the value our members bring in helping claimants ensure their financial security in the future. Much of this work is done by NSSTA committees, and we encourage every member to get involved. Committees are made up of, and chaired by, members that volunteer their time and expertise to help set priorities that benefit all members. The importance of the work that our committee members do cannot be overstated. These volunteers work on everything from marketing initiatives to educational programs and legal issues. If you are interested in joining a committee, you can find a listing of the available opportunities on the NSSTA website member’s page.

NSSTA Annual Meeting – The NSSTA Annual Meeting will be held on April 19-21st in San Francisco, CA. We feel that it is important for all our members to attend NSSTA conferences and events – not only to talk to each other about issues we are facing as an industry, but also to learn from and participate in educational sessions and to receive updates on any potential tax reform initiatives coming our way. In addition, the Annual Meeting will include a golf event, networking opportunities and CE annuity training for brokers looking to receive credits. Click here to register for the NSSTA Annual Meeting.

We at NSSTA love to hear from our members – we encourage all of our members to be involved and engaged, and to provide feedback on the work that we do. You can email your questions, comments and suggestions to info@nssta or to any member of the NSSTA team.

We wish you all a Happy New Year, and a very successful 2017!