Strategic Partnership Highlight - National Brain Tumor Society

Submitted by Abbey Hudson on Fri, 02/24/2017 - 01:37

The mission of the NSSTA membership is to promote the use of structured settlements as part of a comprehensive settlement plan. In doing so, we help provide financial security and long-term stability for injury victims and their families. It’s important for us to remember that financial planning is just one step in the process to help injury victims get back on their feet. There are numerous organizations that support and promote the needs of our claimants in other ways – through legislative initiatives, research funding and advocacy regarding specific illness and injury. One of these organizations is the National Brain Tumor Society (NBTS).

Legislative initiatives – The NBTS encourages members of Congress to consider issues that affect patients. This includes increasing the availability of treatments, ensuring fair pricing of therapies and supporting research and development initiatives. Like structured settlements, these initiatives typically have bipartisan support in Congress. The NBTS ensures that the community they serve stays in focus for legislators and that law makers are keeping in mind the needs of those living with brain tumors.

Research and Development – The NBTS supports research that increases survival rates and improves the quality of life for patients. This can include clinical trials, research funding and helping to implement new treatments through the FDA. The NBTS also raises funds to support research initiatives. They have awarded more than $31 million across 244 grants in the United States, Canada, Israel and The Netherlands.

Education – The NBTS helps to educate legislators and the general public about brain tumors and the effect that a diagnosis can have on the life of an individual. However, they also have public education initiatives and provide support to patients that have recently been diagnosed – these support initiatives include information about treatments, side effects and coping with a diagnosis.

NSSTA is proud to support organizations that support our claimants - you can learn more about the NBTS at