Board of Directors

The NSSTA Board of Directors are elected by NSSTA members and serve as our leaders for a two-year period.  They hold meetings on a regular basis to discuss the state of our industry and any legislative or industry initiatives the members need to collectively undertake.

2016-2017 Board Members

Len Blonder, EPS Settlements Group, NSSTA President
Michelle Caine, Prudential Life Insurance Co.
Mal Deener, Berkshire Hathaway
Randy Dyer, CSSC, Ringler Associates
Jim Early, CSSC, Ringler Associates
Michael Goodman, NFP Structured Settlements
Ryan Jandreau, Liberty Life Assurance Company of Boston
Geoff Kissel, CSSC, Pacific Life
John McCulloch, CSSC, Integrated Financial Settlements
Andy Prindable, Bradford Settlements
Mike Wostoupal, CSSC, American General