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President's Corner: A Conversation with Kerri Poe, President of NSSTA

Kerri Poe President NSSTA



In the latest episode of Settle Smart, hosted by the National Structured Settlements Trade Association (NSSTA), we sit down with Kerri Poe, the newly appointed President of NSSTA. With only a month into her presidency, Kerri has already begun to shape her vision and goals for the organization, emphasizing a strong connection with its members and strategic advancements within the industry.

Reflecting on her first month, Kerri shares, "The time has flown by in some ways, and it has been a fairly easy transition from president-elect to president. But in other ways, there are many things on the horizon that I realize time management will be my friend." Her enthusiasm and forward-thinking approach set a positive tone for what she plans to achieve during her tenure.

One of Kerri's primary objectives is to enhance member engagement through regional forums, which allow for direct interaction and feedback. She highlights the importance of these forums by stating, "It gives members an opportunity to not only hear what the board is working on but also tell us what's on their mind as well." This initiative aims to foster a more connected and responsive community within NSSTA.

Additionally, Kerri touches upon significant industry advancements, notably the progress made in advocating for tax-free settlements for PTSD cases. A recent formal proposal to the IRS represents a crucial step forward, showcasing the dedication and collaborative effort of NSSTA's leadership.

Looking ahead, Kerri is gearing up for the upcoming board meeting in Philadelphia, setting a packed agenda to address key issues and elect the next president. Her leadership style is rooted in active listening and member representation, ensuring that NSSTA remains attuned to the needs and aspirations of its diverse membership base.

Kerri's presidency coincides with a critical election year in the U.S., and she emphasizes the necessity for NSSTA to maintain a strong presence on Capitol Hill. With potential tax reforms on the horizon, her goal is to ensure that the organization's interests are well-represented and protected.

As she continues to lead NSSTA, Kerri Poe's commitment to innovation, member engagement, and strategic advocacy is poised to drive the organization forward, building a more resilient and connected community for structured settlements.