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Member Dues

Producer Companies and Professionals (Consultants)

Producer membership is on a company basis, with dues constituting an obligation of the company, and is scaled on the number of principals, partners and producers in the firm. Each member company is responsible to ensure that all of its partners, managers, licensed brokers and other professionals who benefit from the work of NSSTA are included in the company dues scale. The sample below indicates the dues calculation for a company with two partners and three producers.

Dues Type Amount Total Dues
Company $ 2,500 $ 2,500
2 Partners $ 1,850 per person $ 3,700
3 Producers $ 1,850 per person $ 5,500
Total Dues   $ 11,700

Provider Companies (Insurance Companies)

Provider company dues are scaled based on their most recent annual premium volume of all products used to fund structured settlements for the past calendar year. This amount covers NSSTA membership for all structured settlement professionals employed by each Provider firm. Column one of the scale below includes the combined premium volumes of all such companies within the corporate fleet.

Premium Volume # of Professionals Dues
$0 –$49 million Unlimited $15,000
$50 - $124 million Unlimited $20,000
$125 - $249 million Unlimited $25,000
$250 - $374 million Unlimited $30,000
$375 - $499 million Unlimited $35,000
$500 - $624 million Unlimited $40,000
$625 –$749 million Unlimited $45,000
$750 –$874 million Unlimited $50,000
$875 –$999 million Unlimited $55,000
$1 billion - $1,124 billion Unlimited $60,000
$1,125 billion - $1,249 billion Unlimited $65,000
$1,250 billion - $1,374 billion Unlimited $70,000
* Greater Volume    

* For combined premium volume greater than $1,375 billion, please add $5,000 in dues for each additional $125 million increment of combined premium volume with unlimited # of Professional Members.

Practitioner Companies (Claims Companies)

Practitioner companies include property/casualty insurance companies, self-insured companies, adjusting firms and the like whose claims work benefits from the efforts of NSSTA. Dues for these firms are a flat $1250 per company.

Associate Members

Associate members are individual professionals who are not eligible to be a Professional Member. Associate membership is not open to those who serve as a producer, provider or user of products or services to the structured settlement market place as these individuals would fall into other membership categories. Dues for Associate members are a flat $1,850 per individual. Associate membership is on an individual basis and confers no membership rights on anyone other than the dues payer.

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