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Episodes at a Glance



Episodes From the Beginning

SETTLE SMART: Episode #1

A real-life story from Ron Bayer, a former Chicago ironworker, paralyzed after a tragic fall on the job. In this episode, hear first-hand how he benefited long-term from a structured settlement made possible by his attorney and a structured settlement consultant.


SETTLE SMART: Episode #2

Judges are instrumental in the protection of the rights of injured parties in the courtroom and NSSTA is active in the discourse about benefits to structured settlements outside the courtroom. Hear more about this from NSSTA member and Chicago Structured Settlement consultant and lawyer, Andy Prindable and NSSTA Executive Director, Eric Vaughn.


SETTLE SMART: Episode #3

There can be many parties to coordinate in a structured settlement within the secondary payer world. Hear about a game changer with professional administration of Medicare Set-Asides and get all the important details from NSSTA members, Patrick Hindert, VP at Independent Life and Chicago Attorney Amy Bilton, former NAMSAP President, in this podcast with NSSTA Executive Director, Eric Vaughn.


SETTLE SMART: Episode #4

When an injured person settles a lawsuit for a large sum of money, it can be overwhelming. A structured settlement consultant is uniquely qualified to help protect that money and avoid the risk of the money being spent in all the wrong places. Hear this important discussion about dissipation with Greg Micoletti, Director of Structured Settlement Institutional Markets Group at American International Group, Inc., who has conducted important research you need to know about.


SETTLE SMART: Episode #5

What do you need to know about special needs trusts, ABLE accounts and government benefits in connection with a structured settlement? You'll get the answers right here from experts, Christi Fried of Continental Trust Services and Cameron Lindahl, Senior Trust Officer at CPT Institute.


SETTLE SMART: Episode #6

Professional administration of structured settlement funds are crucial to managing medical expenses, secondary payer records and medicare submissions. Claimants can see potential savings and attorneys can know the advocacy for their clients will continue with these services. Hear about these important details with Natt Reifler at Medivest and Johnny Meyer at Ametros.


SETTLE SMART: Episode #7

Does your attorney know about the favorable tax advantages to a structured settlement? Hear about these important details that can provide you with tax deferred or tax free periodic payments for a lifetime from experts, John McCulloch, JD/MBA and Vice Chairman at Arcadia and Audrey Kenney, CSSC at Sage Settlements.


SETTLE SMART: Episode #8

Certifications are one way that a structured settlement expert can stay current and as a result, provide injured people the best solution possible. Hear Chris Shumate, VP at Arcadia Settlements and one of the engineers of the CSSC and MSSC certifications, talk about the importance of these marquis educational programs in the industry.


SETTLE SMART: Episode #9

Listen to this important podcast with NSSTA Executive Director, Eric Vaughn and Karen Meyers, attorney and widely respected leader among structured settlement professionals, who co-developed the National Certification Program for Structured Settlement Consultants. Meyers, at Little, Meyers & Associates, is devoted to education, as adjunct professor at Miami University and Thomas More College.


SETTLE SMART: Episode #10

Listen to this SETTLE SMART podcast to learn how structured settlements for minors can be an extremely important way to protect settlement funds for underage claimants and how they are backed by the financial strength of life insurance companies highly rated by AM Best. Hear co-hosts Ryan Christen Oliphant from Ringler and Susan Bowersox from Sage Settlements talk with an expert in this field, Chris Chan, from Ringler in Los Angeles.


SETTLE SMART: Episode #11

What's important about the Genworth Financial merger with China Oceanwide, which has been underway since 2016, with final steps announced recently? Only our expert at NSSTA, John McCulloch, J.D., M.B.A., Vice President of IFS and Vice Chairman of Arcadia Settlements Group can answer that. He's been following this for years and shares insights with NSSTA Executive Director, Eric Vaughn in this podcast.


SETTLE SMART: Episode #12

NSSTA and its members support an important organization - the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD). Listen as NSSTA Executive Director, Eric Vaughn and AAPD President/CEO, Maria Town discuss the great progress underway to help disabled people through difficult challenges, and the upcoming AAPD Gala celebration with MSNBC's Jonathan Capehart, CBS Sunday Morning Anchor, Jane Pauley, Stacey Abrams and Amanda Gorman, National Youth Poet Laureate.

SETTLE SMART: David Weissman, Investigative Projects Reporter Interview

Our host, Eric Vaughn sat down with David Weissman, Investigative Projects Reporter for The Sun News regarding his article about personal injury / structured settlement cases in South Carolina. You can read the full story and article here The Sun News

SETTLE SMART: The Emotional Journey of an Annuitant - Host Julie Robinson, Ringler

In this pre-recorded podcast, we listen in to Julie Robinson, a Ringler Consultant, and her client Rachel, who revisits her emotional settlement journey.

As an annuitant, it can be a long and arduous journey. In this podcast, we'll hear Rachel's full emotional Journey as she recounts her structured settlement process. You'll also hear how a #structuredsettlementconsultant assisted in the highs and lows of this process. We hope listening to this annuitant's journey will help you to understand the feelings and questions of someone going through the settlement process.

SETTLE SMART: Mastering the Art of Claims Resolution With Betty Gregware

Join our guest host Chris Chan from Ringler as he interviews Betty Gregware, the National Sales Director at Mutual of Omaha. They discuss new structured settlement products, Betty's 30+ years of experience, and the upcoming Structures 101 - 202 program in Las Vegas!