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MetLife 2023 Structured Settlements Poll

metlife poll 2023

The latest MetLife survey asks the following questions:

  • -- How comfortable are employment plaintiff attorneys in recommending structured settlements?
  • -- From which other professionals do these attorneys encourage their clients to seek professional advice about their settlement award?
  • -- How important do structured settlement brokers play in positioning the value of structured settlements for employment claims?
  •  -- How can brokers and insurers/annuity providers help employment plaintiff attorneys better understand and recommend structured settlements?

The new MetLife survey provides key insights into the positive views employment plaintiff attorneys have about the advantages of structured settlements, such as guaranteed payments and successful claims resolution. In fact, 86% of employment litigation attorneys believe they should recommend structured settlements to their clients.

The poll also addresses the important role structured settlement brokers can play in positioning the value of structured settlements for employment claims. “Brokers have an opportunity to further strengthen their relationships with attorneys by providing guidance on how to position structured settlements with clients, including best practices, case studies and real-world examples,” notes Bejan Shirvani, Vice President and head of Structured Settlements at MetLife. 

Click HERE to view the poll