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NSSTA University

NSSTA University - CE and CLE Accredited Programs 

NSSTA University is the best solution for your Insurance and Legal continuing education needs
As a nationwide provider of CE Courses, we fully understand the challenges involved in providing your clients with accredited educational programs good towards their license compliance. From course approval to roster processing NSSTA University is your CE Provider for continuing education programs in the insurance market as well as continuing legal education market nationwide. 

Procedures for Case Examiners/Adjusters and/or Attorneys

  • NSSTA will Private Label CE and CLE accredited programs from the applicant’s power point.
  • Each NSSTA member or company wishing to sign up will do so independently of each other. No programs are shared between members or companies.
  • Each NSSTA member’s program is assigned unique course ID #’s from the licensing board we are seeking accreditation in.
  • Instructor credentialing.
  • Lead time is 45 days 
  • NSSTA will administer the program and send you official roster reports and certificates of completion at program conclusion.
  • Contact Debbie Sink at for more details or call NSSTA at 202-289-4004.