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Restricting Public Access to Minor’s Judicial Records

Secion 2111.18 breaking news Ohio Mnors

After working closely with Ohio legislators for several years, NSSTA’s tenacity in protecting a minor’s settlement from public disclosure has paid off. 

Effective April 3, 2023, Section 2111.18 of the Ohio Revised Code, Claim for Injury to Ward or Damage to Property – Settlement, has been amended to state as follows:

“If the  claimant is a minor, records of proceedings pursuant to this section are not subject to disclosure to any person who is not a party to the settlement, or made available for publication or inspection,  except upon motion and show of good cause.”

This amendment shields information about a minor’s settlement from third parties trolling court dockets looking to exploit a minor once they reach the age of majority. NSSTA prides itself on promoting and protecting structured settlements - and this amendment is another example of NSSTA’s dedication to the industry and the individuals it seeks to serve.