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NSSTA Structured Settlement Stories

Annuitant - Yorba Linda, California

In 1973, my daughter was born with brain damage, which I believe was the result of medical malpractice. Although my daughter is mentally alert, she is physically handicapped and…

Annuitant - Cleveland, OH

In 2000, our son was the victim of an injury at birth. For the rest of his life, he will require medical and rehabilitative care. Right before our malpractice trial our family…

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I understand that the NSSTA Membership Committee and the NSSTA Membership Board of Directors must favorably consider this application prior to acceptance. By signature hereto, I declare that the facts herein are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I also state that my organization, voting and professional members are actively involved in, associated with, or have an interest in the furtherance of periodic payment of compensation on account of personal physical injuries as set forth in Article II of the NSSTA Bylaws.

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